Saturday, January 10, 2015

Roller Skating

I have been wanting to take N2 roller skating for a while and we finally made it to a rink the last Saturday of winter break.  We met up with 2 other sets of twins that we have known for some time now.  Anna and Mia are identical twins who were born 2 days before N2.  The other set of twins are Bella and Noah.  All the kids thoroughly The themselves and got a nice amount of exercise!  They have roller skating rink that we went to has a 2 hour Disney skate for young kids and new skaters.  Kids can use the skate pals for free during this time.  It was definitely a great place to learn how to skate.

N2 set off skating with the skate pals.  They each needed one of us with them but they caught on.  Noah fell and bumped his chin the second or third lap and we thought he was done but he bravely got back out and didn't use the skate pal very much.  He preferred to skate on his own.  He didn't always want to hold a hand because he felt like he could keep his balance better without holding on to something.  Natalie on the other hand used the skate pal the whole time but she figured out how to go really quickly around the rink by the end.  For the last 10 minutes she couldn't use the skate pal (they were collecting them) and she thought it wasn't as much fun because she had to go slowly.  They both said they had a lot of fun and would definitely go again.

Sorry for the bad pictures.  I took my point and shoot and the lighting was terrible.

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  1. Did you remember how to roller skate? I mean, you could keep your balance and not fall down and hurt your back?

    Amelia was the same way with ice skating - she told me she didn't want to hold my hand because she knew I would slow her down and make her fall over. It's funny that after one time skating, she's better than I am.