Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cub Scouts

Back in September we went on field trip with the Cub Scouts to Volo Bog where the Cub Scouts fulfilled a couple requirements.  Noah's Cub Scout pack is very family friendly so whatever they schedule we all can attend.  The kids started by doing a one foot observation.  They were supposed to rope off a one square foot area and observe what they could see close up.  We had a pretty boring spot where all we could see was grass and leaves.  There weren't any bugs in our area.  I think Noah found a few different things.  Then someone had the bright idea to make the square foot vertical so they observed the bushes.

Then we took a walk around the bog.  The boys seem like a nice bunch of kids but boy are they energetic when all together!  Glad I didn't need to keep them all in line :)  They were supposed to stop to find either 3 animals, 3 plants or 3 birds.  Here they are looking to see if they can see something in the water.
Here's my eager Cub Scout.


  1. I had to laugh about your assessment of "boys are energetic when they're all together." I'm learning that's true for just two boys as well!! I had a mom of b/g twins tell me recently that her girl balances out her son and keeps him calmer much of the time. Would you say that's the case for N2?

    1. No, I think Noah is my calmer kid of the two. He tends to keep Natalie in line :) When Natalie gets together with a group of boys (with Noah) she joins right in the chaos but when she joins a group of girls, they don't get wild. It's really interesting.