Sunday, October 25, 2015


We went down to see David, Julie, Abigail and Jonathan and their new house over Labor Day.  We got there REALLY late on Friday due to tons and tons of traffic in Chicago but luckily they have a nice house that we were able to sneak into :)  On Saturday we decided to go to a historic Shaker village because they were having a water event.  It was pretty hot so we thought water sounded good.  By the time we got there all the riverboat tickets were gone and the water events were kind of winding down.  We were able to tour two buildings-one of which was huge!  The kids could see how people wove clothes, how tools were made, how woodworking was done and so much more.  They had a room for kids were the kids could dress up like Shakers and do some common tasks like sweeping and weaving.  The three older kids had fun in this room.

They also had a play house where kids could "cook" food in the fireplace, weave, set up the buildings into a community, match farm animals and more.  This building had some air conditioning in it so we stayed and played for a while.

We then visited the water events which consisted of squirt guns and an obstacle course. We weren't sure what to do so we just played with the squirt guns.
The following day we went to church and then to the pool in their neighborhood.  When we left the following day we went to Mammoth Cave which N2 were not entirely impressed with because there were no cave formations.  We look forward to visiting again (maybe when it's cooler!).

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