Saturday, August 20, 2011


I am borrowing my friend Jaime's word to describe the event that happened today.  As many of you are aware my sweet little Natalie can be quite michevious.  Today while I was in the bathroom with Noah signing "The Farmer in the Dell" while Noah went potty (don't ask me why we needed to sing but we needed to), Natalie found the sunblock in her backpack which was supposed to stay at school.  I came out of the bathroom to check on Natalie and this is what I found.

She hit EVERY cushion on our couches and chairs plus 2 pillows.  We no longer have anywhere to sit in our living room as all the cushions are damp from us trying to clean them.  I am also going to tell you that sunblock DOES NOT come out of upholstery.  We have spent all morning trying to clean it using a variety of cleaners.  Luckily most cushions can be turned over.  The pillows did get clean in the wash so I guess I could remove the stuffing from the cushions and try washing them in the washing machine but that seems like it would not be worth it as it might be impossible to restuff the cushions.  Our couches were lookiing a little sad and we had talked about replacing them.  We just didn't want to do it yet.  So if and when you come over please ignore the sunblock stains.

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