Sunday, August 28, 2011


I've been cutting Natalie and Noah's hair myself and I'm not sure I do the best job.  I recently took Natalie to my hair stylist and had her hair cut and it looked nicer than I would have done but still not that great because Natalie's hair is so slow to come in and we're trying to get it longer so my stylist told me I just have to live with her hair being straggly and eventually it will look nice.  I'm not sure when that eventually is going to be. She's 2 and a half and her hair is still so short!  Noah's hair though has started to grow like a weed (much like his daddy's hair).  I don't know if I can cut his hair much longer and still have it look OK.  It's looked passable but not great.  Today I trimmed it a little and it looked awful!  So we decided we would try the clippers.  First we cut daddy's hair.  Noah was quite enthusiastic about getting his hair cut with the clippers and sat on the big stool and stayed still the whole time.  It was a pretty easy haircut.  But my baby's hair is all gone!  It's so short (but it looks nice)!  I'm quite sad at the loss of several inches of his hair.

Here's a before

Here's the after
What do you think?  It's so short and his colic really stands up now (before I didn't even know he had one).  But it seems layered better and so hopefully it will be easier to mantain. Natalie wanted her haircut and was really upset about not getting her haircut.  Luckily daddy is resourceful and realized there is a cap to the clippers.  We put that on and "cut" Natalie's hair.


  1. I really like it! It looks so cute!

    Did you go to the zoo today?

  2. No we didn't. That picture was from earlier this month. I cut off inches from his hair. It kind of makes me sad :( I loved his long hair-it just looked bad and I couldn't cut it right. I'm hoping I can get longer clippers so when I cut it I can make it a little longer.