Thursday, August 11, 2011


We've been talking for a while about Natalie and Noah's school and that they are going to go to school while mommy and daddy go to school.  Luckily our school is right down the street so everytime we go out somewhere we can pass right by it and they can see if the kids are playing outside.  If they aren't outside, they are napping (according to Noah).  The day finally arrived that it was time for them to start school.  We packed up their backpacks-complete with bear and lion and walked over.  Their room was empty when we got there.  Noah was not sure about it and hovered around one of the tables holding his bear.  Natalie on the other hand found the climbing foam blocks that she could climb up and slide down.  It is also right by a window so she could climb up and look out.  She seemed quite excited by all the new toys.  She then started to drag me outside.  We went outside and of course she wanted to ride the bikes like the big kids.  We said our goodbyes and left.  By that point I was crying quite a bit but I'm so proud of my two little angels who did not shed a tear yet.  Luckily I had Brian to walk me home.

(They did not really want to smile)

When I went to pick them up I heard that Natalie cried for a little bit but not for long and Noah did no crying but was very quiet.  I found them in their classroom shaking bean bags vigorously with their teacher.  They didn't even notice me!  When Natalie finally noticed me she ran over and gave me a big hug.  No tears!  Noah ran over, hugged me and said "time to go home."  We left with 2 projects that they had done-a cut out and colored skunk with cotton glued to it and a paper plate owl mask that they colored.  What on earth am I supposed to do with all this stuff that they bring home???  2 projects in one morning (times 2 kids)-that's a lot of stuff!  Plus they don't really seem to care about it!  As we were walking home we talked about what they did at school.  They told me they had cookies for a snack (not sure if they really did or not), colored with markers, shook beanbags and played outside.  I asked if they wanted to go back and Natalie said no and Noah said yes.  Noah also told me "Noah miss Mommy."  Boy want to talk about wanting to cry again!  But at least he's willing to go back.  They were quite cuddly when they got home but in fine spirits.  I sure hope tomorrow is just as easy to drop them off because I'm doing it by myself.  I hope I can hold it together better!

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