Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dress Up

N2 are just starting to be interested in dressing up.  They like to put on clothes when I am folding laundry no matter if it is their clothes or mommy or daddy's clothes.  They like to take their socks off and put them on their hands.  We have a box of "dress up clothes" that they occasionally go into.  The other night Grandma and Grandpa Weidner were over and I don't know how it started but both Natalie and Noah were dressed up in costumes.  While Brian and I were in Door County we picked up a Viking helmet for Noah (we wanted to get them something but didn't know what and I ran into them at the Swedish shop and though, what the heck?).  They LOVE this helmet but they think the horns are handles.  They also have wings that they think are pretty cool.

I would like to add a disclaimer.  I was not the one to dress Noah.  I'm not sure who picked out the pink skirt :)  I think it's pretty hilarous though and Noah thought so too.  He ran and ran and ran around the house in this outfit.  It was quite hard to get a picture as he was running very quickly.

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