Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 4-Arches

Saturday was our last day in Arches.  We knew it was going to be busy but we really needed that Canyonlands day to take a break from a lot of hiking.  We visited the visitor's center first so that N2 could get their junior ranger badges.

We started out the morning hiking up to Delicate Arch with Grandma.  N2 did a really good job on the hike. People were amazed that they hiked all the way up there by themselves. When we got up to the arch, N2 did not want to go under the arch but once they watched Brian go under it, they wanted their turn.  He took them one at a time to stand under the arch.
 Above is a picture with Natalie under the arch.
 Above is a picture with Noah under the arch.

There are 2 other arches that you see on the way up to Delicate Arch.  I can't remember what they are called.

We stopped and found a cubby hole and something for them to climb on when we were hiking down.  The hike down was so much faster!

We saw some beautiful rocks on the way down-some agate.  These were HUGE pieces of rock-boulders that were almost as tall as Natalie and quite
After that we split off from Grandma and headed over to see Sand Dune Arch, Broken Arch, and Skyline Arch.  We went to Sand Dune Arch and N2 could have cared less about the arch.  All they wanted to do was play in the sand.  So we sat in the shade and let them play in the sand for around 45 minutes.  A lady took tons of pictures of N2 playing in the sand because she just thought they were so cute!  I, however, explored the arch and walked underneath it while Brian explored the fins beyond the arch.

After that we headed to the campground to find Skyline Arch (we also needed a bathroom).  I took pictures of Skyline Arch from the back and front.  It's amazing the color difference.  While we were at the campground (which I have to say, I was quite impressed by the bathrooms-no outhouses!) N2 and Brian climbed down some rocks and explored.

Our last arch was Broken Arch.  This may have been a little too much hiking after all that we had already done.  We had a little more whining on this hike.  It was also the hottest it had been because it was in the afternoon and the sun was beating down on us.  It still wasn't hot but it was warmer.
That was the end of our Arches trip.  N2 both loved arches and all the climbing they could do there.

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