Thursday, June 20, 2013

My New Ride

Right before we left on vacation my car starting making strange noises.  We took it in and found out that the catalytic converter needed to be replaced which was an expense that we decided we didn't want to pay considering the car is a 2002 and it has 136,000 miles on it and it's a sedan.  We decided we would try to sell it and buy a new more family oriented car.  We took a look at the Mazda 5 and the Toyota Sienna.  After much deliberation, we decided the minivan was too big for us and we didn't need that much space as a family of 4.  So we purchased the Mazda5!  Here it is.
It seats 6.  We plan on keeping the back 2 seats down so we can have more trunk space.  N2 loved exploring the car this morning and they both wanted to sit way in the back.

It'll work for us for everyday trips.  We think we'll have to get a car top carrier when we take long vacations like this last one but that's do able.  We took the new car to go strawberry picking this morning.  I drove it home last night and all of the buttons you can see in the bottom picture glow red at night.  It's a little eerie!

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  1. That picture you took of the car on the grass looks like it could be in an ad!