Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 5-Little Wild Horse Canyon

We decided that it was getting too hot at Goblin Valley and that we needed some shade.  There's a slot canyon not too far away called Little Wild Horse Canyon.  Dad stayed at our campsite and read a book while the rest of us went exploring.  There was a little hike before you got to the slot canyon and there was a part that was a teensy bit treacherous.  On the way back we figured that you could go a less treacherous way if you didn't have kids.  N2 LOVED exploring the slot canyon and they got quite a ways ahead of Grandma and I at times. Brian made sure to keep up with them.  They found some cubby holes to sit in.

It took us a while be we finally got into the narrowness of the canyon.  It starts pretty wide and then narrows.  This canyon is not a really red canyon like the really amazing slot canyon photos you see.  Maybe we weren't there in the best light but I don't know what light would have been better.  I still had a great time taking pictures and trying different settings on my camera.  I think a tripod would have been nice and perhaps having both my lenses.  But that's a lot to hike with!  Here are some of my best pictures of the slot canyon.

The rock itself was so interesting to look at.  The striations and wave patterns in the rock walls were amazing!  There were tons of little holes carved into the rock.  There were things that looked like bubbles.  Take a look.

Here's our hiking crew.

 Did you notice how dirty Natalie's bottom is in the above picture?  There's a hole in the seam that I need to fix which we didn't notice until we got home.

We definitely made the right call to come to the canyon to escape the heat.  By the time we got back to the car it was kind of breezy and a little chillier.  It looked liked maybe a storm cloud was coming in.  But there was no rain.  I guess we should have come here first and then done Goblin Valley after diner.  Live and learn!

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