Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 5- Goblin Valley

We drove out to Goblin Valley State Park this morning and arrived around lunch time.  We had such a nice campsite!  The shaded picnic table was so nice and it allowed the breeze through but not the sun!

After lunch we headed over to the valley.  Unfortunately we waited a little too long and it was hot because the sun was just beating down on us. Dad walked with us a little ways but not too far.  N2 really enjoyed the goblins and they thought it was a giant playground for them!  They would climb up the clusters of goblins and find another way down.  They would find little holes and spaces to hide.  We played hide and seek for a while.

Here they are counting while Grandma went and hid.  The only problem we had was keeping track of them.  They could move really quickly and climb around and it would take us a while to find them.  So we always had 1 adult following after them while the other adults counted to find them.
After a while Grandma was getting warm so we found her a nice shaded hole to sit in.
There were times when N2 would get a little stuck and call for help.  We'd have to go find them and find out what precarious position they had gotten in to.

This was a photographer's paradise!  The valley is just full of so many interesting rock formations.
For those of you unfamiliar with Goblin Valley, this is what it looks like.

This is a fantastic place for kids.  There aren't really any trails, you just wander the valley however you would like.  There are 3 valleys and we only spent time in the first.  There's tons of climbing and exploring here.

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  1. I knew your kids would love it! I can see how they could get lost playing hide and seek.