Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More Nashville

We met up with Julie, Abigail and Jonathan at a park on Monday morning as it was too cold for the animals to be out at the zoo.  This was quite a random park!  There was a mosaic concrete dragon that wen in and out of the ground.  There was a random hill with stairs and rocks on the side and a large sewer tunnel going through.  Then there was playground equipment.  My kids spent most of the time climbing up the stairs, climbing on the rocks and going through the tunnel.

Here's the dragon and some up close pictures and I really liked the mosaics!

We ended up going to the zoo after we grabbed lunch as it warmed up and the animals were out.  Abigail ended up taking a nap so they couldn't join us at the zoo.  We did meet up with them at their house and play some more.  Abigail and Noah liked the road puzzle and they would crash their cars into each other.


  1. Your pictures turned out fantastic. Bribing the kids with animal crackers worked well fotprvthe last photo although Jonathan looks a little scared.

    1. Should have offered him an animal cracker!