Saturday, April 12, 2014

Olympic Party-activities and games

I wanted the kids to be able to play some Olympic sports at their party.  I was really hoping we could go outside so that we could go luging (sledding down our mini hill) but it turned out to be too cold-around 20 degrees.  I thought that some parents might think that was a little cold even though it has been much colder around here more recently.  So we did indoor games.

We started out by having kids make flags for their countries.  That really didn't last long!

Then we made torches with paper towel rolls, aluminum foil and tissue paper.

Then we had the parade of nations and had the kids walk around the house while we clapped and cheered.
Then we had the biathlon.  We gave the kids swiffers to ski around the house.  Then they had to throw an arrow through a hula hoop.  They did about 3 laps of our house.

After that we set up the slalom course.  We set up cones and the kids had to run in and out of them.  At the end of the race, they got to ring a bell to show that they are done.
After we slalomed, the kids ice skated.  They took  turns being the ice skater and doing a dance in the middle of the living room.  We had some Olympic music playing.  The kids had fun but the floor was a little slippery with just socks on.  If it had just been family, we probably would have let each kid dance for longer but I was nervous about N2's friends possibly getting hurt.  The other kids watched and clapped for the kid who was performing.

After ice skating, we took the kids out to the garage to play hockey.  We had purchased a net and hockey sticks.  We had tried to put a space heater in the garage but it didn't do anything.  It was a little cold outside in the garage so we didn't stay out too long.  We could have put on coats and played a lot longer!  The kids took turns shooting the puck into the net.

We came in and played curling.  I put a tape X on the floor and we used N2's drums from children's music day as the stones.  The kids really had fun sliding the "stone" to the target!

 After curling, we decided to give kids a snack and have cupcakes.  After kids had finished eating but others weren't done, we let them do a ring toss with Olympic rings and "snowballs" (mini marshmallows).

They got a little antsy with this after a while so I moved some of the kids over to playing pass the torch.  If they had the torch when the music went off, they had to run around the circle carrying the torch.
After that N2 opened their presents.  We still had 30 minutes left before parents were coming to pick up their kids!  I had thought that the games would take longer as would the crafts but I severely underestimated the amount of things that I needed to plan!  We let the kids pick what games they wanted to play-some went out to play hockey, some played curling, some jumped through our biathlon targets!
It was a really fun party and the kids had fun!


  1. Your blog post makes me want to have an Olympics party just for the fun of it! What great ideas. Sounds like you improvised really well, too. :)

  2. Yay! It really was a fun party, and I totally want to have another party next Olympics just for fun! Or maybe we could have one for Megan's 6th birthday?