Tuesday, April 22, 2014


My kids have been so interested in baseball lately.   They don't want to play t-ball, they want to bat without the tee.  Brian is the one who mainly pitches to them but I have as well.  I'm often critiqued for my bad pitches (obviously my pitches are bad and not that the batters are missing the ball!)  Natalie is insistent that she has to wear a batting helmet but since we don't have one, she wears her bike helmet.  They set up the bases around the house and they have to run all of them after a hit (no matter how small the hit is).  It is NOT OK to run the opposite way of the runner to try to tag the runner out.  That will result in tears.  You must run in the same direction.  We need to work on understanding that being tagged out is part of the game.  While one kid is batting, the other one is often the catcher but I make them stand really far back so they aren't hit by the bat.  They can play baseball for an hour at a time.  I think we need to enroll Noah in a baseball class or on a team-he is a fairly decent batter without the tee.

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