Saturday, May 10, 2014

May Day and Teacher Appreciation

This past week was really busy because I decided to head up a teacher appreciation week after my kids' preschool.  I sent a letter out to parents the week before of what I had planned.  On Tuesday kids were asked to bring flowers to their teacher, on Wednesday they were asked to write a note and draw a picture and on Thursday we were providing a luncheon.  I decided to make salads in a jar, muffins and a treat.  I also included a water bottle with a drink mix.

I made an Italian Pesto Chicken and Pasta Salad.  It's so yummy!  I also made Carmelitas which are the best bar ever (but I have discovered that they do NOT last in the heat or humidity-all the caramel falls). The muffins are orange lemon poppyseed and they were delicious!  The teachers were SO appreciative!

We don't have many flowers so I had to pick up some flowers for May Day this year.  N2 wanted to give flowers to 13 teachers!  I had enough flowers to make that many, so I made them all plus one more for Natalie's ballet teacher.

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