Sunday, May 25, 2014

Preschool Graduation

N2's preschool graduation was last Thursday.  Here they are first day of preschool and last day.

At their graduation they had baseball hats with tassels on them.  The hats said "Class of 2014."  They sang an alphabet song and ended that song with a robot dance.  Then they got their diplomas and their scrapbooks.  Then it was time for cake.  They were very proud of themselves.

 Here they are with their teacher, Mrs. Lilibeth.

 Here they are with their teacher Mrs. Kathy.

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  1. So cute! They don't look that much different in these photos; do you agree? I love Natalie's hair- I think that's a good length for her. Maybe you should let her layer it herself all the time! Ha ha. I was glad to see what Miss Wiwwibeff looked like, too.