Monday, April 14, 2014

Our visit in Nashville

Over spring break we went down to Nashville to visit David, Julie, Abigail and Jonathan.  When we got there the kids had a great time playing in Uncle David's and Aunt Julie's backyard.  Abigail and Natalie had a good time swinging!
Eventually Natalie ended up pushing Noah on the swing.
Aunt Julie got out the tunnel and the kids had a GREAT time playing with the tunnel in the backyard (which is slanted).  I'm not sure how it got started but the kids started to roll down the hill in the tunnel.  This translated to lots of fun!  It's hard to get good pictures but here are some plus a video of Noah rolling down the hill.  At times they would roll with their feet or head out and sometimes they would be all in.  Noah was probably the one who rolled the most.

When they would get to the bottom, they would often ask someone to drag them back up to the top.  Most of the time we didn't oblige them but Abigail tried to drag Noah back up the hill!  After rolling down the hill, they came up with another game where one of them was a monster and wore the tunnel and tried to get the other kids.  David and Brian even got in the tunnel to be the monster.


  1. How fun that they all liked playing together! Can Natalie pump on a swing?

    1. She can, more or less. She needs help getting started. Her pumping keeps the motion going but doesn't make her go higher.