Monday, March 12, 2012


So the crocuses are blooming around here.  I have no crocuses in my garden because the squirrels dug up all the bulbs years ago right after I planted them.  The lot next door to me (which is just an empty lot owned by the people kiddy corner behind me) has crocuses all over the yard.  I bet those are my crocuses!  N2 discovered the flowers in the yard and love to pick them!  I don't feel bad about it because I'm pretty sure they are my crocuses and I don't think the neighbor even knows that they are there.  N2 were so excited to see flowers (even though in the first picture they don't seem so excited)!

I have tons of greenery in my garden right now.  I think it's kind of early but I can't do much about it!  Brian raked off all the leaves today not knowing that I wanted to keep things covered because it could still get cold. Oh well.  My daffodils are coming up as are my hyacinths and irises.  Some of my other perennials have green leaves on them already-I wish I could tell you which ones but I can't remember their names.  I did have one snowdrop in my back garden.  My pussy willow is completely in bloom now (if that's how you say it).  I sure hope that it stays warm after this!

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