Saturday, March 3, 2012


These pictures are kind of old-I just now sorted through all my February pictures because I'm going to try to do it every month so I don't have such a hard time printing out pictures when there is a good sale!  At the beginning of February. we went to Daddy's band concert that was a jazz/swing dance concert.  Both Natalie and Noah put on their "dancing clothes" because people are encouraged to get up and dance at the concert.  Noah actually picked out his outfit all on his own and wore it all day.  He wanted a shirt like daddy's shirt.  Noah kept saying that the girls would like his shirt and he was going to dance with girls.  Not sure where he learned that!  This is Natalie's dress from her 2nd birthday and Easter.  It still fit although the sweater was a little small in the armpits.

Natalie and Noah had a great time at the concert.  They danced with Grandma and Grandpa Weidner.  They really wanted to dance with daddy but he was on stage.  Luckily daddy did come down and dance with them.  They also had a great time running around the chairs which I tried to stop them from doing as not to disturb the other people at the concert.  I think we were a little distracting anyways.

They both got to conduct with daddy but right when it was their turn, they had to go to the bathroom so I missed them conducting because I was in the bathroom with one and then the other and surprise, neither one had to go!

See the group of students in the background of the last picture?  We had to go over several times to try to get them to pay attention to us.  Noah kept tugging at his shirt when he went over because he wanted the girls to say "I like your shirt."  But no one did.  (They must have missed the memo).  Noah was quite the flirt and smiled at the girls.  Neither one was quite brave enough dance with them but they would stand over by them and not say anything.  It was really cute and quite funny!

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