Saturday, March 31, 2012

Food I've made

I was going to do separate posts for each food I made but I haven't changed the recipes much so I'll just direct you to where I found the recipes and tell you what I thought of it.

First up Parmesan crusted Tilapia by Rachael Ray. This was good and very simple and easy to make.  I did not use lemon wedges to juice on the fish after cooking.  I would also recommend spraying the bottom of your baking pan with Pam.  My fish stuck to the pan even with first dredging the fish in oil.

Next I made Mini Mexican Pizzas.  Not sure why they are called pizzas.  They were very tasty-I think my kids each ate one.  They taste very much like bean dip in a tortilla.  I used the tortillas from Costco and could only get about 3 shells out of each tortilla and there were quite a few pieces leftover.  So I would use larger tortillas so there would be less waste.  I used my homemade refried beans for this recipe.

I made Garlicky Baked Fries.  These were yummy but they took much longer to make than I expected.  I thought I could make them as a side dish for my next recipe but I should have started the fries first!  Just a note, I omitted the cayenne pepper.

With the fries, I made Crispy Cheddar Chicken. This was delicious!  My kids did not want to eat it even though I thought they would like it.  I will definitely make it again and see if it was just a mood they were in.  I did not make the sauce and it didn't need a sauce.  You really can taste the cheese.  I did read a lot of the comments and people said you have to have your chicken all the way thawed before trying to bread it.
I'll post more food pictures tomorrow.  I realize it's been a while since I posted food I've made!

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