Sunday, January 12, 2014

Botanic Gardens Train

The first day of winter break, we met up with Grandma and Grandpa Dueber at the Botanic Gardens to see the trains.  We started out the morning by looking at the greenhouses.  Natalie really loved the tropic greenhouse where the bananas were.  We had to go back there several times.  After being bundled up for the cold weather, the tropic greenhouse was quite hot and muggy!

N2 weren't as interested in the trains this year as they previous had been.  They were really interested in doing the scavenger hunt and only wanted to find those items.  I had to drag them back to look at the trains.  Maybe we need to only see them every other year.  We saw the trains this summer and they loved looking at everything so maybe this was just too much.
 I still enjoyed the trains and see all the different buildings and the new additions made this year.  After looking at the trains we went to make bird feeders and paper snowflakes.  Then we enjoyed lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  It was a fun morning!

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