Friday, January 10, 2014

December Miscellany

I know it's not December but here's some random pictures from December.

Here are N2 with their elf pancakes that Peanut made them on the last day he was here.

Here is Natalie on the plasmacar which was their Christmas present.  This thing is used constantly in our house and they go round and round!  You put your feet up like Natalie is doing and then turn the steering wheel back and forth and that makes the car go.  N2 generally put their feet on the ground and push the car to make it go faster.
Here is Noah after he used the face paint crayons.  He made himself into a clown he said.
Brian was leaning against the counter reading the newspaper one morning and Noah thought it was a great tunnel to crawl through.
Natalie really wanted me to take her picture with her lego creations.  You'll notice in many of these pictures that my kids are wearing pjs.  Well, during break we often wore pjs unless we were going out.

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