Tuesday, January 7, 2014


N2 have been very interested in writing for the last several months.  They want to know how to spell words.  I generally make them sound it out themselves.  Sometimes I do help them stretch out the word so they can hear more sounds but normally I make them do it themselves.  One day in December Noah wanted to write words that started with the letter A.  He asked me for help with words that start with A.  Here is his listed sounded out mainly by himself (I had to help him with ax because he didn't know the x sound).

Can you figure out what he wrote?  (not sure why he included the word "no").  There are 7 words that start with A.  Then he drew pictures (the pictures won't help you!)  The pumpkin has nothing to do with the words-I think Natalie put the sticker on for Noah.


  1. He very clearly wrote: antler, alligator, Noah, ax, alphabet, apple, ant, no, arrow. Wow, that's fantastic! It is much easier to figure out beginning writing when you realize (or are told by your teacher sister) that kids usually leave out all the vowels. Otherwise, I might have guessed that the last line read "A PLANT NOAH ROW" although I would have been confused about why he spelled his own name wrong.

  2. Oh, and I have no idea what the pictures are. Except that one is some kind of four legged animal with a tail. Maybe a mailbox? And a plunger? A flag? And a single strand of DNA?