Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Morning

We had a slightly rushed Christmas morning because church was at 8 instead of 9.  But it was still enjoyable.  N2 were able to look in their stockings and open presents from Santa and have a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls before church.  After church they opened the rest of their presents.

 They got lots of socks in their stocking and fuzzy socks to wear overnight.  Plus they got gloves that have a mitten cover (you can see that in Natalie's picture), punch balloons, penguin and snowman cups, Monsters University shrinky dinks, magic wands, and Dora bandaids.  Natalie got a yo-yo and fun magic beads that when you put in water they expand and you can splat them and when they dry out they return to their original tiny size.  Noah got crayons that look like Legos that you can color with and build with as well as a dragon.

Santa got Noah knights and Natalie fuzzy bunny slippers.
 After church they opened lots of books, a couple movies, presents from each other (Natalie got a penguin Beanie ball from Noah and Noah got a shark ball shooter from Natalie) and a plasma car.  I haven't gotten a picture of them riding their plasma car but they love it!

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