Sunday, December 22, 2013

More Peanut

Peanut has been causing more mischief but staying away from marshmallows.  He defaced our pictures by cutting out faces from newspapers and taped them over our faces!  Needless to say, Natalie was not amused and immediately took the faces off the photos and threw away the newspaper.

Peanut also TP'ed the bathroom one day when there wasn't much toilet paper left.  N2 were fine with that!
Everyone in our house is sick and Peanut is no exception.  Natalie has an ear infection, Noah has an unidentified sickness which antibiotics has helped-maybe a sinus infection, and Brian and I have colds.  Peanut had to lay low one day, drink honey water, eat a popsicle and get some rest.
I didn't get photos of Peanut everyday but he was in our toy helicopter flying it to the tops of the lights.  He was in Noah's candy bag on the top of the fridge (Natalie was relieved he was not in HER bag) and he was in the pocket of the advent calendar.  His latest stunt was trying to ride in a dump truck down the stair's banister.  N2 decided that was not a safe idea!

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  1. Ok, those newspaper face photos are kind of creepy - I don't blame Natalie for being upset about those! I love him riding down the banister, though. We will have to remember some of these for next year, since there's only two days left for the elves to get up to mischief this year.