Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gingerbread Houses

I finally got around to making gingerbread houses with N2 and decorating them.  The smaller houses are much easier to put together than the larger houses!  Less falling apart and less breakage of pieces when taking them off the pan!  I gave them quite the assortment of candy to use  plus black licorice twizzlers and gingerbread marshmallows.  We didn't use most of the candy!  I took the rest in to my students for their gingerbread houses they were making later that week.

(Before you ask, yes, Noah's shirt is on backwards and inside out.  He often wears his shirts backwards-he says he likes it).  They loved using the twizzlers but they did NOT stay on unless I piped the frosting on the back.  The following day I found that some had fallen off overnight so even that much frosting didn't help.  Twizzlers just must be too heavy.  Natalie's favorite candy was definitely Neccos.  She used most of the roll!  They also really liked smarties and the gingerbread marshmallows.  Gumdrops and snowcaps were not popular and neither were m&m's.

Natalie's house has a Necco path and Noah's has a smarty path.  They both have 3 people around the house somewhere.  They both have gumdrop chimneys.

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