Friday, December 27, 2013

Dueber Christmas

On Christmas Day we got together with my family.  Marcie's girls had made some Christmas pinatas and they kids took turns trying to hit them open before lunch time.

 I like this one because you get the pinata opening (the light is kind of exploding-not sure how I got this picture).

We started with a very yummy dinner of brisket. twice baked potatoes and more!  Then we had family picture time.

Finally it was present opening time.  I think all the kids were very excited but they did a nice job waiting their turns!

All the kids really enjoyed playing with the pirate ship that N2 got for Christmas.  They played with that for quite some time!
We had a great time!  The adults got to play a game and hold Nathaniel while he slept the whole day and the kids got to play together and watch cartoons.

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