Sunday, December 15, 2013

Picking Out Our Christmas Tree

Last Sunday while it was snowing we went to cut down our Christmas tree.  I really considered getting a shorter needled tree this year like a Concolor but Brian wanted a White Pine so we went with that.  Richardson's had beautiful and tall trees this year!  I had a hard time finding a tree that was short enough and small enough!  It was pretty cold but N2 stayed warm enough and had a good time searching for trees.  They stood by trees that we were considering and they practiced fighting off the people who might steal their tree (don't worry, no one tried to steal the tree-Dale, Mary Kay and Brian just pretended to).   Grandma and Grandpa Weidner brought new hats for N2.

Here's the tree that we picked out.
After Daddy cut down the tree, N2 insisted on helping them carry the tree to the wagon.  I'm sure they were a great help!

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  1. Those hats are fantastic! Your tree looks beautiful. This year, our short-needled tree from Costco is very tall but pretty skinny (at least, skinny for me). Plus, the branches are droopy towards the bottom. To be fair, that's where the kids hung 16 ornaments on a single branch, but I feel like our trees in the past have been sturdier. Hope your tree fits in your house!