Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Visit with Santa

We attended the tree lighting ceremony at our Park District on Friday the 6th.  We braved the cold to watch them light up their big tree and watch Santa arrive via firetruck.  How fun!

Then we went inside to wait our turn to see Santa.  Strangely enough Santa did not ask the kids what they wanted for Christmas or whether they had been good.  It was more like a photo opportunity.  Hope my kids are OK with that because I think this is the only time we are seeing Santa!  Noah really didn't want to go up there.  Not sure what he has against Santa or if he is just being difficult.  Mrs. Claus tired to have Noah by her so it would balance the picture but he wanted NOTHING to do with that!  Oh well.
After seeing Santa we went to play some games (where they got candy as a prize for each game) and some crafts.  It was a fun event!  Here they are throwing Christmas cards in baskets.

 Here Natalie is playing another game where you had to put on gloves and try to open hershey kissses.  It was not easy!

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