Thursday, December 26, 2013

Peanut's Last Hurrah

The last night Peanut was in our house, he decided to leave with a bang!  He made elf size pancakes again (like he did last year) and sad to say Peanut didn't get around to making them until after his bed time.  Maybe in future years he can manage his time better so he can go to bed earlier!  This year Peanut left a picture scavenger hunt around the house for N2 to figure out what Peanut did and where he was.  These are the pictures he left around the house (he left them on the walls of the stairway, the bottom of the stairs, the hallway to the kitchen and on the fridge.

Can you guess where he is?  You guessed it, in the refrigerator next to the pancakes!  N2 didn't find him without my help.  When they did find him, they kept opening up the fridge to talk to Peanut that I was tempted to move him out.  Before bedtime on Christmas Eve I let them give Peanut hugs because Santa was going to take Peanut back with him but Natalie refused to touch him because she didn't want Peanut to lose his magic!  So long Peanut!

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