Thursday, January 9, 2014


We have gotten quite a bit of snow this year and many of it came over winter break so that I didn't have to drive in it!  We have been stuck in our house for a long time due to the snow and cold.  Over New Year's we got about 14-16 inches of snow.  It fell from about 2-3 pm New Year's Eve until Thursday morning some time.  Brian has taken N2 out several times to play in the snow.  They like to help Brian shovel (Brian didn't have gas and the add in for his snow blower so he's been shoveling).  Natalie has really enjoyed using her snow tube that she got for her last birthday but didn't get to use because we didn't have enough snow!  She really likes sledding.  I only went out once to take pictures and I got recruited to help Natalie with sledding.  She can't get in the tube without it sliding backwards.  I also had to push her so that she got better distance.  When they sled down our hill, they have to create the path so each time they go further.  Natalie also liked to go around eating snow every chance she got.  I had to remind her to eat snow from undisturbed places.

 I also really liked the icicles on our neighbor's house.  The one that is long touches the ground now and has a huge base on the ground now.  When we went out one day, we found icicles all over our neighborhood.  N2 were disappointed we don't have any icicles.

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