Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Adventure Farm

I know Marcie already posted about our visit to the adventure farm but I thought I would share the pictures that I had too.  April was a while ago but I haven't been great at sorting pictures recently!  There are pictures from when N2 played t-ball last fall that I wanted to show off but never got around to posting (perhaps I will still do that!)

We started out our visit at the Busy Barn's Adventure Farm with chasing chickens into their houses.  It was funny that all the chickens minus 2 ended up in the same house!

The kids LOVE the tube slide in the barn so we sat there for a while watching them slide down over and over again.  A barn cat fell in love with Nathaniel and he tried to pet/grab the cat.  IT was very cute!
Noah and I hung out for a while doing different things from the other kids because he was tired.  He wanted to visit various places that other people weren't as interested in.  Brian also spent a lot of time with him as well-he was very interested in the bee hive hut.  Noah and I tried out the can stilts.
We also went over to the hamster wheels earlier than everyone else so I got some pictures of just Noah!

The kids all tired to push the wheel at the same time which was pretty funny.  Inevitably someone would fall out.
Last time we were there the kids weren't able to really do the string maze but this time, they loved it!  The attached a chain to themselves and to the rope and had to get around and climb over and under the ropes.
Of course, we had to "ride" the horses.
 We had to visit the barn with baby animals because the girls all wanted to see the baby animals.  Noah really could have cared less.
We had a great time as we did last fall.  We'll have to visit again in the fall.

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