Monday, June 16, 2014

Slip n Slide

N2 earned a slip n slide for good behavior at dinner (we started behavior charts for dinner behaviors-chewing with their mouth closed, not talking with their mouth full, sitting on their chair the correct way, eating over their plates, polite dinner conversation, etc.  We focused on 3 skills at a time and they earned stickers if they did those things with only 1 reminder.  Once they mastered those skills, we moved on to 3 more skills.  One of our kids got stuck at sitting on their chair correctly and took forever to earn 7 stickers!  They could get a sticker at every meal-breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Once they earned 7 stickers (we started with 5 but they earned 5 way too quickly!) they got to pick what we had for dinner the following night.  They had to pick something that we would normally eat for dinner and they couldn't pick the same thing as their sibling right away.  It was such an effective way to help with appropriate behavior!  However, it has kind of fallen by the wayside but now that we're both home, it should get better.  The 2 of them wanted a slip n slide so we decided we would let them get one once they both earned 7 stickers).  Brian went to the store today and picked up a slip n slide.  My kids had no idea what to do with it at first!  They couldn't bring themselves to running and jumping onto it.  Finally Noah figured out that he could get on his tummy and slide a little ways and then army crawl down it (he was the braver of the two).  Natalie figured out how to run and kneel on it and she went most of the way down.  This was quite a hit!  It kept them nice and cool on a hot day!

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