Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Baseball Camp

I took N2 down to visit Mom and Dad last Friday.  Dad asked that N2 bring their baseball mitts so he could work with them on throwing and catching.  Natalie was up first throwing baseballs.  She did a good job listening to dad's instructions when throwing the ball.  She threw a bucket or 2 of balls and then let Noah have a turn.

Then it was Noah's turn.  He had a harder time throwing because we're trying to force him to throw with his left hand and I think his natural inclination is to throw with his right hand (he has a mitt for his right hand).  I think it is going to take some practice and dedication on this part to get better at throwing.  We'll have to keep working on it and hopefully he'll learn more at t-ball this summer.

Then it was time to work on catching.  Dad would throw a bucket full of balls and then they would switch sides and try catching more balls.  Here Natalie shows us how to catch with her arm!
I love Noah's expressions in these photos. He was serious about catching the balls!  I think he's a better catcher than thrower at this point.

On Father's Day they brought their mitts again and they did a little bit more practice.  We'll have to come down to practice again!

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