Friday, June 20, 2014

More Memphis

 After the boat tour, we had to waste some time in downtown Memphis before going to dinner.  We thought we would go to the Peabody to see the duck parade but we were 45 minutes early and there was already no place to stand to see the ducks that we decided to just leave.  Then we thought we would go to Peabody Place but that is completely closed.  In fact, there is not much in downtown Memphis.  We ended up walking down Beale Street (which was a little too seedy for me with 5 year olds) and ended up in front of the arena downtown and the kids played with the big stone balls out front.  I had to take a picture of them sitting on every type of ball!

Then we went to dinner at Gus' for friend chicken.

The next day we went to the zoo.  It finally warmed up so that later in the day we could exchange winter coats for spring coats!  We went first to see the pandas as my kids have never seen real pandas.  We were almost the only people there looking at the pandas!  The male panda was very active and we got to see him play, eat and climb!

We also saw a zookeeper feed the penguins.  Noah was able to ask the zookeeper a question while she was feeding the penguin.
We went to the children's zoo and N2 loved to play around.

They really enjoyed the Memphis Zoo but it was time to get home as Noah had allergy problems and was coughing at night as was Natalie so none of us were getting a good night sleep.  Next time we had down that way, we'll have to stop at Mud Island because it isn't open until April 1st.

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