Friday, July 4, 2014

Beach Fun

On Tuesday, Marcie and her kids came up to our house to go to our beach (we live in an area that belongs to a beach association and recently they forced us to join the association so we've been trying to use the beach!)  It was a little breezy at the beach and felt a little cold but the kids had so much fun! They started by playing in the sand but quickly moved to the water.  They discovered a new pier and were able to jump into the water from the pier.  Our swimming area is pretty shallow.  I can go all the out to the buoys and only be at mid chest.  The lake was high because of all the rain we've gotten so it was higher than normal.  Amelia got pretty brave and jumped off the pier (although my pictures don't look like she jumped but she did)!  Megan was having a lot of fun in the water but didn't jump off the pier.



Nathaniel did not seem to like the water.  He was tired and cold so maybe it's not a good representation of his feelings toward water (the second picture was after Marcie lifted him out of the water).
 Here's Nathaniel at home-much happier!

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  1. Very fun! You got great photos at the beach. I love the picture of all the kids jumping in at once, and the one of Nathaniel in the water. It is very strange to see photos of my kids taken by someone else and hear about what they were doing written by someone else. I like it!