Thursday, July 17, 2014

Teddy Bear Picnic

The library had a Teddy Bear Picnic last week and we decided to go and take Baby Bear and Candy Crush.  It started with a picnic on the lawn under the shade of the library's trees.  The library provided juice boxes and packets of Teddy Grahams or animal crackers.  We had a nice lunch with.our animals who happen to be eating my tomatoes.

 Then we went inside for a marionette show.  The man doing the show had so many different marionettes that danced around.  He could make the eyelashes blink, the mouth move and all the limbs move.  He also could make the marionettes "hold" things and do different things like blow up a balloon, swing on a trapeze (that was a monkey).  N2 enjoyed the show but it got a little long for them.  It was a fun program at the library!

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