Sunday, July 27, 2014

Washington DC Day 1-Air and Space Museum

Our first day of vacation started out with a very early morning (had to wake the kids up at 4:30 am) but a very exciting first flight for N2!  They were not that impressed with sitting around an airport but luckily it seemed to go by quickly.  Here they are on the plane waiting to take off.  The plane was not at all full so we got 2 rows of 3 seats in front/back of each other to ourselves.  It was nice not being squished!

Noah spent most of the flight looking out the window or having The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe read to him.  Natalie on the other hand drew a picture in her new notebook of the sun we passed by and the plane.  We played Go Fish and she enjoyed her snacks.  She also got some ipad time and building with play-doh.  It was easy to keep them entertained!

It was HOT when we got to DC.  We dropped our bags at the hotel and then headed to the Air and Space Museum.  We toured around the museum and saw the planes and a few exhibits.  Natalie moves through museums like I do (especially ones about air and space) whereas Noah loves to learn about the space part of the museum (he wasn't that interested in airplanes).  We did attend a planetarium show (that I fell asleep during!  Clearly I am not meant to get up at 4:20 am) which N2 thought was really cool.  We also found a kids' area (although it was probably for adults but it was the only hands on thing in the museum) about how things fly.  Both enjoyed this part of the museum.  There was a presentation on how things fly and they were really interested in that.  Then they got to practice "flying" a plane-the could make the tail parts of the wing move in this plane.  In the first picture Natalie is pretending to be a plane taking off down the runway.

N2 were impressed by the size of the rocket cones of the Saturn V rockets.
After about 3-4 hours both kids were done with the museum.  They were tired and Natalie was bored so we left to return to our hotel, get some dinner and go to bed.  We had the kids in bed by 7:40 pm Eastern time and I went to bed around the same time and fell asleep pretty quickly!  We were all tired.

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