Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July

We went down to Glenview for the 4th of July to attend the parade.  We had a small piece of curb partly in the shade (we got more space once the people next to us moved their chair).  The kids really just wanted candy and weren't too excited by all the other people walking who didn't have candy (admittedly there were a lot of politician groups walking and other groups that weren't exciting).  I did enjoy the 2 bagpipe groups (Megan held her ears for both of the groups), the Jesse White tumblers, the Bolivian dancers (because who knew that Bolivia celebrates the 4th of July with us) and the floats that made bubbles.  I didn't get any great photos.  As we were walking home, the kids had a parade back to Mom and Dad's house.

We stayed for lunch and then the kids played hide and seek around the garden afterwards.  We decided not to stay for the fireworks because my kids seemed tired and the saw fireworks the night before in Wauconda.

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  1. I love the parade on the walk home! It is even stranger to see photos of my kids when I wasn't even there. That hardly ever happens - in fact, the only other time I can think of is when Brian took them to the park in April.

    When we were little, did we like parades only for the candy? I can't remember.