Saturday, July 19, 2014

Noah's Songs

I finally found Noah's songs so now you can enjoy his lyrical talents!  You can tell that one of them would have an idea and then the other would use the same idea.

Song 1
Gold, gold
I love gold
Gold, gold
I like gold because it's shiny.
I like gold because it's nice and pretty.
I like gold no matter what color it is.
I like gold not even if it's gray, blue or black or brown
because I I like everything about how it's shiny.
I wish I lived where pirates live.
Also it's fun to play with gold.
You pretend to be a pirate.
I'm a pirate so help me find gold past me.

Song 2
Argh mateys
I like my ship.
I would fight anyone away.
I don't take a shower because we're pirates.
Pirates don't ever shower.
I think I have to go somewhere else.
But I think I can go and still sing.
Do you want to come with me?
Do  you want to come with me?
We have to move the ship.
I'll keep singing this song.
Ahoy mateys.
I'm the captain.
Yipee ki yay.
They let me move the ship
Whenever I want to and wherever I want to.
I have to finish this song in 10 minutes.
I want to go in my bed to go to sleep.
Send down the anchor.

Song 3
My friend is prettier than me.
Just how imagining you can see.
But I'm not as pretty as my friend.
And she loves me how much she cares.
And I want to get married with her.
Because I've seen a lot of parrots who are girls.

I Want to be Prettier by Noah
I want to be pretty
Like my friend parrot
Because I like to be pretty
like my friend parrot.
And I have an idea what I want to do.

Parrot Sitting in a Tree by Noah
Parrots sitting in a tree.
Along came an elephant who said,
What are you waiting for?
And the parrot says,
I'm waiting for someone to come
and take me to my kindergarten class.
Parrot sitting in a tree just relaxing.

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