Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sleeping Bear Dunes

On Tuesday of our vacation we headed to Sleeping Bear Dunes so that we could climb one of the dunes.  We stopped first at the visitor's center so that everyone could see what was there (N2 had been there on Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa).  The visitor's center was a madhouse!  There was a ranger convention going on so there were tons of rangers but there were also lots of people.  After a short visit there, we headed to the Dune Climb.  This was one big dune to climb!

 N2 climbed up and then down and then up again.  Everyone made it to the top of the one dune but then some of us went further.  Natalie and I made it up the next dune just to find out that there were more dunes in front of us.  We wanted a view of Lake Michigan (we later found out that it was 2.25 miles to the lake).  Natalie and I went back but Brian, Noah, and Dan went a little further.  Dan, Paul and Brian went back another day and hiked all the way to the lake.  On the way back down the dune, there were gorgeous views of Glen Lake.

We played in the sand at the bottom of the dune after people climbed back down.  They had fun burying Grandpa!

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