Monday, July 7, 2014

Traverse City Children's Museum

We went to Beulah, Michigan for a week with Brian's family.  His parents rented a house with 4 bedrooms for all of us to stay in.  The first day that Lisa and her family were there, it was raining so we headed to Traverse City to the Children's Museum.  Their whole museum is nautical themed.  They have a boat that kids can steer and work the engine.  They had a sailboat that kids could hoist the sails on and turn the rudder.  They had a projection of a creek with fish that you could step on and the fish would dart away.  They had a huge water table where kids could set up different ways for the water to go and try to turn the paddle wheel.  Plus so much more.  It was a little small but other than that was really neat!

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