Friday, July 18, 2014

Pirate's Cove

Last Friday we met up with some friends at Pirate's Cove in Elk Grove Village.  It's a small park that has rides for kids as well as a craft and a show.  The day we went was wizard's day so all the rides had Harry Potter names, the kids got wands when they entered, there was a magic show and the craft was a wizard hat.  My kids love the rides and luckily there aren't long waits.  At most they have to wait through 1-2 times of the ride going around but most of the time it is less than that.

They have a hand train ride where the kids have to pedal by hand but there are employees who push the kids.

They also have paddle boats (powered by hands not feet) and they can become bumper boats.  Water does get in the boats so there bottoms get wet but they dried pretty quickly.  N2 love these boats!

They have a train and if you are lucky enough you can sit in the engine and ring the bell as much as you want (doesn't get annoying at all!)  The second time around, N2 didn't want to sit together.  Noah sat with our friend Bella and Natalie sat with our friend Noah (they are twins too).

There is a jumpy house and a climbing wall.  Natalie really wanted to do the climbing wall and she is big enough to do so this year but after waiting in line over 5 minutes, the employee told her she had to have closed toe shoes to climb the wall.  Too bad they don't have a sign up saying that so that kids don't want in line and then be disappointed!  They have a big slide that kids ride down on burlap sacks.
Pirate's Cove also as a carousel and a nice playground shaped like a castle (not sure how castles fit in with pirates but oh well!) and a dragon slide in the playground.  N2 really had a lot of fun.  I got quite bored of it by the time we left which is why we left.  It was also pretty warm for parents because there isn't a lot of shade in the waiting spots.  They have shade on the rides for the most part but not where parents have to wait.  It was also fairly busy because of Wizard's Day.

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