Sunday, July 13, 2014

Natalie's Songs

My kids have recently been making up songs and making Brian and I write them down as they sing which is tough because they sing too fast for us to write.  Their songs have been mainly about pirates.  Here are 3 of Natalie's songs.  I know they are going to be the next big kids' hits!

Song 1
I like gold.
I like gold so much that I wish I could get all the gold.
I'm a mighty pirate.
And I am a pirate so I do not brush my teeth.
I don't shower so I smell stinky.
I'm the captain of the ship.
I don't take a shower so I'm stinky.
I don't brush my teeth so they are green.
Then my song just began but it's time for it to end.
Bye, I have to drive the ship so
Argh mateys, bye!
I'm the captain of the ship.

Song 2
The gold is buried in the sand.
I know it's buried in the sand.
Ahoy mateys
Ahoy mateys
Ahoy mateys
I like the treasure and you come with me.
I'll flap my tail in the air when I get the treasure.
Ahoy mateys
You can't come with me.
Ahoy the other captain and the other ship.
They can come with us.
We can share the treasure.
My song just began.
I know I should take a shower
and brush my teeth they are all green and I'll get cavities.

Song 3
This is the song of Pirateland.
And the kookaburra and monkey and parrot were afraid of the pirates.
And then he hugged his friends.
And his friends hugged him because they were scared.
And they said it's okay and they made him their pet.

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