Saturday, July 5, 2014

Megan's Party

On Wednesday we went to Mom and Dad's to have a birthday party of Megan as well as Mom and Grace.  Within 10-15 minutes of being there, Noah fell off the balance beam portion of the obstacle course and cut his chin so we had to take a break from the party for at least half an hour if not more.  He is sporting a nice bandaid across his chin now but otherwise is quite fine.  He looks like a tough guy and gets quite a few questions when we are out!

We were able to do the obstacle course after a while (Noah skipped the balance beam).  Megan went first.  The kids had to ride the fire truck to the hula hoops and then jump from one hula hoop to another (Amelia just walked from one to another because she was tall enough to do so!), climb over the picnic table benches, walk the balance beam, climb the ladder, take a wheel barrow ride from Grandpa and then ride a cart back to the start.  I didn't get a lot of pictures as the kids didn't wait for one to be done before starting the obstacle course.  Too much going on!

 We took a break to watch the construction workers pour the sidewalks down at the corner.

Brian wanted to try out the cart and ride down the driveway.
 The kids also played with water balloons, had a scavenger hunt and enjoyed 3 desserts-4 layer chocolate cake (in honor of Megan's 4th birthday), Mom's cake and a cherry cobbler for Grace.

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