Thursday, June 19, 2014


I realized that I never shared our Memphis pictures with you.  The day we drove to Memphis was cold and snowy.  We decided to go on a boat tour on the Mississippi River.  Boy was it a cold and windy day for that!  Everyone spent most of their time inside the boat but N2 loved to go out on the deck so Brian would take them for a while.  Then they would come in a get warm but get bored so would go outside again!

Here's our boat and pictures that were taken while we were waiting for the boat to set sail (we were on the boat about 30 minute early-I had to stand on shore because the boat was rocking too much).

Once we got set sailing, the guide told us a lot about Memphis and what was on the river's edge.  He also told us about the Arkansas side.  It was really interesting information.  Unfortunately it wasn't that exciting for N2.  We killed time by letting them take pictures.  So I don't have great pictures of what we saw (plus Memphis isn't that picturesque of a city!) but I do have good funny face pictures!

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