Saturday, January 7, 2012


One of N2's favorite things to do is play marching band.  They get out their instruments and march around the house.  Sometimes they play the drum, the guitar, the recorder or the whistle.  We have other instruments but those are the favorites.  Brian and I get to join in as well.  Yesterday before Brian got home, they were playing marching band but both Natalie and Noah wanted to be the drum major and "duct the band."  They gave me a tamborine and told me to play while they conducted.  I also tried to take pictures but I was told I had to play as well (that was a challenge!)  Noah grabbed the stool from our little piano to stand on because he knows every marching band conductor needs a podium.  Duh!  Natalie wanted a stool but we don't have another little one (just popped in my head that we could have used the bathroom stool) and threw a fit when I tried to get her to stand on one of the little chairs.  Noah kindly moved to the chair so Natalie could have the stool and both of them stood on their podiums while conducting and yelling "duct the band...dah dah dah dah..." or some version of that while I played my lonely tambourine.

Brian commented that Noah's form in the 2nd and 3rd pictures are not bad.  He said the hands aren't great.  Brian also said that there is probably a very similar picture of him to the 3rd picture.  I imagine Brian was not yelling "duct the band" though :)  Funny thing I just noticed is that they could be in time with each other in the top 2 photos!

I tried to get a video of this because it was just so cute and funny but as I got my other camera, Noah told me that marching band was going home and he got down and started to play with something else.

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