Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why I Should Put Things Away

I have to admit, I have the tendency of just stacking things on the stairs with the intention of putting them away but sometimes it takes weeks before I put them away.  I recently cleaned out our winter bins and took out the hats that were too small, one being an adorable monkey hat and the other being a pink bunny hat.  The monkey hat is supposed to go to Charlie and the bunny hat was going to be lent to Abigail but her head will probably be too big for it next winter!  So the bunny hat is still sitting on the stairs, not put away.  N2 found the hats the other day and squeezed them onto their heads and ran around the house.  They were quite cute.  Then this evening after Natalie had been put down to bed, she got up (which has become a very common occurrence-we now have the lock on the outside and I hadn't locked her door tonight since she is sick), came downstairs without us really realizing and then sat at the bottom of the stairs.  When I finally heard her and went over, she was wearing the hat and mittens and daddy's boots that were sitting there.  I guess I shouldn't leave theings on the stairs because they also get played with during time outs!

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  1. I can't believe that hat still fits on Noah's head - it barely fits on Megan's head! (and I thought Noah had a gigantic head....)