Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Game Playing

N2 got a few games for Christmas-Candyland, Nativity Go Fish cards, and cards that were homemade that can be used for Go Fish or Memory.  I was excited about games because I thouught they would be at the age where they can start to understand games.  They can....kind of.  Here's our first adventure in playing Candyland.

They understood the colors but they didn't understand following the path and finding the next color.  So they would get a card with 2 purples and they would want to skip forward 5 purples!  Natalie managed to skunk us all at the first game.  She got one of the special pink cards with candy on them and skipped almost all the way to the end.  Noah, Brian and I played another time and Noah really skunked us all.  He got one of the candy cards that took him to the end whereas I got cards that made me go one by one along the board!

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