Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Natalie's Purse

One of the highlights of Christmas presents for Natalie was a purse that Grandma gave her full of all sorts of things a purse should have: white gloves (who doesn't carry around those!), bracelets, a hairbrush with mirror, comb, necklaces, play money, rings, a makeup brush, sunglasses, an ID lanyard (I still haven't made the ID like I said I would-oops!), a wallet picture holder, a keychain with keys and possibly more.  As soon as she opened the present, she put everything on and started to play.  Megan really liked the purse too!  Once we got home, the purse became a huge problem-Noah wanted one too!  He wanted his own set of keys, brush, lanyard and more.  He often takes the makeup brush and uses it to paint Natalie's room.  Natalie gets upset because the purse is hers and then fighting/crying ensues.  Who knew a purse would be what they fight over?  I think Noah will be getting a "man bag" for his birthday.

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